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A few of us have got together (Alan Haymes, Jeff Haimov and Brian Hawkes) to try to piece together our family history from the time when our relatives left Jassy (now called Iasi) in Romania around 1900/01 and settled in the UK, USA and Israel.

We have got a fairly complete family tree stemming downwards from Morris Haimovitch, a son of Hyman (Judah?) Haimovitch (spelt 'Haimovis' on Morris's wedding certificate) who came to the UK from Romania when he was about 19 years old. We now need to flesh it out with years of birth and death, occupation and some missing names of children and wives' maiden names.

We also very keen to find out more about when Morris came to Britain from Romania and what brothers or sisters and other relatives left Romania at the same time. We know that some went to the US and Israel but did others come to the UK as well, since there are other Haimovitch families in the UK but so far we haven't found any links. Also, there are some Haimovitch that went to Canada.

Other surname spellings used by Morris include Haimovich, Haimovis, Haimovitz, Hymovich and other possible spellings for relatives could include Haimowitch, Haimowitz, Heimowitz, Hymowitz, Chaimowitz etc.

Our latest hunch is that a family of Haimovitch from Jassy left on a ship, probably from Hamburg in 1900 which stopped in the UK before continuing on to New York. Morris left the ship to make a life in London while a brother and other cousins continued on to New York. We have some pointers to a candidate for a brother called David with a surname Haimovici - see Current areas of research.

Jeff's father, Sydney Haimov, wrote an autobiography entitled 'The East Ender' - which can be accessed from this link.

Soon after coming to London in about 1900, Morris moved to Ship Alley, Stepney from where he married Esther and their first three children were born, after which they moved to nearby Princes Square. Alan Haymes has produced an illustrated essay looking at the history of Ship Alley & Princes Square.

The family trees are fully accessible but for access to the detailed records and photos, you will need a username and password, which you can get by sending us an email with your details and possible connection with the Haimovitch family, using the Contact Us link.

Our aim is to connect up with our cousins in the US and Israel and to discover if we are related to other Haimovitch families whose roots stem from Iasi (Jassy/Iassy).

Also, as we get a lot of enquiries from other Haimovitch families around the world looking for lost family members, we have created a forum for anyone to post messages seeking Haimovitch family links.