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Who is Morris Hyman Haimovitch who was buried at Marlow Road on 1 December 1944 aged 33? - there is no stone with any other information. [solved - since discovered it was another son of Morris that went into an institution at a very young age]

Who is this man? Click here to display image

Is there any information about Hyman's sons that went to the USA and Israel? [update - we now think that Morris arrived on a ship that was sailing from Hamburg to the USA via the UK in 1900. Morris stayed but a brother (possibly called David) and some cousins continued their voyage to New York - links: Morris?, David?]

How is the other Hyman Haimovitch connected? Wife was Golda, sons Harris (dob 12 June 1883, Cabinet Maker), Yoel (who went to Israel - died age 104) and Max (who lived in Peckham). See Harris Haimovitch tree.

How is another Harris Haimovitch (Furrier) - born 1873, connected? He had wife Betsy (born 1880) and a daughter Rachel who died aged 4. Who was Joe Haimovitch (Cabinet Maker)? Married Sarah in 1902 and father was Abraham. See 'Others' Haimovitch tree.

Who was N Haimovitch (aka Landau), born 14 March 1907. There is a National Archive record locked for 100 years.

Haimovitch records from over 72 million records held on US Social Security database. Also, Haimovitch death records from California between 1940-1997.

Current living Haimovitch's in US MyFamily people finder database.

US immigrants from Jassy around 1900 - no Haimovitch recorded but there are Haimowitz and Haimovich. Also Heimovitch from Bakno via Southampton.

Haimovitch records from English Civil Registration Index 1837-1983 (free to search - enter 'Haimovitch' in surname box and select 'All Types' from drop down menu).

Haimovitch records from Ancestry.co.uk (UK & ireland - 179 entries with basic details - more detail requires payment).

Haimovitch records from Ancestry.Com (unbelievably lists neary 2 million records of Haimovitch including derivations and relatives. Databases include ship passenger lists, telephone books, etc. Basic info listed with more detail requiring payment).

There are 65 people all researching their Haimovitch roots on JewishGen.org, many listing Iasi as the place of interest. Could any of these be our relatives?